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Includes keynote and speaker sessions, lunch, networking happy hour, bus tour and access to vendor partner showcase.

VIP Flash Sale: $299

Includes all of the above plus preferred seating and access to VIP dinner with speakers and VSV managing partners.

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Highlights from VSVCon 2023


Why Should You Attend?

Now is the time to invest in yourself and take control of your future. Learn how people just like you have utilized multifamily real estate to secure financial freedom and build generational wealth! Whether you are looking for a new passive investment opportunity or are considering becoming a hands-on syndicator, VSVCon is one event that can deliver the inspiration, education and networking you need to take your journey to the next level. Join us and get access to the resources that will enable you to become a world class real estate investor!

Learn from the Experts

We’ve assembled a great lineup of industry pros that will provide you with valuable, actionable insight into multifamily real estate investing covering practical topics like how to reduce income taxes.

Get Motivated

Talk directly with people who have leveraged passive income to leave their W-2 jobs to be financially free.

Access Key Resources

We bring together a group of vetted industry partners that provide you with tools to help you on your multifamily journey.

Make Connections

Network with like-minded people interested in success and investing. See for yourself how multifamily real estate investing works.

Take a Bus Tour

Walk through a few of our properties and see firsthand the business plans coming to life. You’ll get a look at what classic units versus renovated units look like, talk to the onsite property managers, and understand what it takes to operate an apartment building – important whether you’re an investor or a new syndicator.


Our 2023 Keynote Speakers

Damon West

Best Selling Author, Philanthropist and College Professor


Damon West, M.S. Criminal Justice, is a college professor, internationally known keynote speaker and best-selling author. He went from being a Division 1 starting quarterback and suffering a career ending injury to being a stockbroker, eventually developing an addiction to methamphetamines that landed him in a maximum security prison. Armed with a program of recovery, a renewed faith, and a miraculous second chance at life, Damon emerged from over seven years of prison a changed man. His story of redemption, grit and determination continues to inspire audiences today.


Siri Lindley

World Champion Triathlete and High-Performance Coach


Siri Lindley is a world champion triathlete and high-performance coach. A cancer survivor and named one of Tony Robbins’ favorite motivational speakers. Siri shares fear-shattering strategies for changing the thoughts, habits, and behaviors that hold people and organizations back. With an infectious and authentic passion, she empowers audiences to strive for peak performance, work through and ultimately conquer the demons of fear and self-doubt. 

Lee Brower

Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Empowered Wealth, LC


Lee is the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Empowered Wealth, LC, an international ‘business-family’ consulting, coaching, and mentoring firm. Visionary and highly captivating, his breakthrough concepts on preserving true generational wealth are changing the landscape of leadership in families, businesses, and communities. Lee is truly a “change agent” of our time. He is dedicated to revolutionizing how entrepreneurially minded leaders can use their influence to create stability at home, at work, and beyond. In short, Lee builds bridges that connect the very best of individuals, families, and businesses to their best and biggest future.


Our 2023 Speakers

Ken McElroy

CEO of MC Companies, Best-selling Author, Rich Dad Real Estate Advisor.


Ken is well-regarded in the real estate world. He’s come a long way since that first small property investment. Ken has had great success in all aspects of real estate – from investment analysis and property management to acquisitions and property development. He even started his own real estate investment company with MC Companies. Altogether, Ken has now transacted over $1B in real estate. 

For Ken, the journey doesn’t just stop with financial success. He’s committed to helping as many people as possible achieve the same financial freedom that he’s been able to attain through real estate. Ken shares his knowledge through his YouTube channel, which currently has over 300k subscribers. Ken is the author of the best-selling books The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing, The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing, The ABC’s of Property Management. He is well-known in the real estate community and is always a very sought-after speaker at events all over the globe.

Neal Bawa

CEO & Founder at UGro and Grocapitus


Neal is CEO & Founder at UGro and Grocapitus, two commercial real estate investment companies. Neal’s companies use cutting edge real estate analytics technology to source and acquire OR build large Commercial properties across the U.S., for nearly 800 investors. Current portfolio over 4,800 units, with an AUM value (upon completion) of over $1 Billion. 

Neal believes that we are at a turning point, where traditional commercial real estate will combine with Proptech and Fintech technology disruptors and will become a tradable, highly liquid asset class, rivaling the stock market.

Liz Faircloth

Co-Founder of The Real Estate InvestHER Community ® & Co-Host of The Real Estate InvestHer Show


Liz is the co-founder of The Real Estate InvestHER community®, co-host of The Real Estate InvestHER Show, and co-author of InvestHER’s first book, Only Woman in the Room – Knowledge and Inspiration from 20 Successful Real Estate Women Investors. The Real Estate InvestHER Show is part of the BiggerPockets Podcast Network. BiggerPockets family of podcasts has generated >110MM collective downloads across multiple industries. The BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast is the #1 Real Estate Investing Podcast and it offers a community of >1.8MM members. The Real Estate InvestHER Show can be found in Top 25 of Investing podcasts and Top 50 in Business podcasts.

Jay Lybik

National Director of Multifamily Analytics at CoStar


Jay Lybik is the National Director of Multifamily Analytics at CoStar. He focuses on the major demand trends and current market conditions for the multifamily sector across the United States and impact at the regional and metro level. 

With over 25 years of commercial real estate research experience, Mr. Lybik previously served as Vice President of Research Services for the Institutional Property Advisors (IPA) division of Marcus & Millichap, where he oversaw the production of all IPA related research while advising clients on their multifamily investment strategy. 

In addition, he serves as Research Chair of the NMHC Research Committee.

Zach Haptonstall

CEO & Co-Founder of Rise48 Equity and Rise48 Communities


Zach is the CEO and co-founder of Rise48 Equity, which has completed over $1.8 Billion in total transactions and purchased 40 assets with 7,000+ units since 2019. They currently have >$1.4 Billion of Assets Under Management in the Phoenix & Dallas Markets with 11 Full-Cycle Dispositions. Across Rise48 Equity & Rise48 Communities, he has 190+ Full-Time Employees .

Zach is also an official member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, a Directors Council Member of GPEC, and is a #1 Best Selling Co-Author of “Success Habits of Super Achievers.” Zach currently resides in Scottsdale with his wife Grace.

Jerome Maldonado

Managing Partner | J. Jacob Enterprises


Jerome Maldonado is a highly successful real estate investor, business owner, coach and speaker. Inspired by his parents’ dedicated work-ethic, Jerome has always had a hunger for success and a willingness to do whatever it took to make his vision for his life a reality.

Over the span of his 20 year career, Jerome has a successful track record in everything from direct sales, construction, real estate development and investing, franchising, all the way to e-commerce. Jerome has done over $200 million in in-house real estate transactions, with another $52 million in 2021 alone.

Brian Briscoe

Director of the Tribe of Titans and host of the Diary of an Apartment Investor podcast


Brian is the Director of the Tribe of Titans multifamily educational community, founder of Streamline Capital, and host of the Diary of an Apartment Investor podcast. His drive to help others accelerate their success has led to a wildly popular weekly networking group, a podcast with >200k downloads, and a ton of educational content inside the Tribe of Titans. Brian retired from the Marine Corps in 2021 after 20 years of service.


Brian is very active in multifamily investing as a sponsor, coach, capital raiser, and key principal.

Bronson Hill

Managing Member of Bronson Equity


As the Managing Member of Bronson Equity (, Bronson is a general partner in 2000 multifamily units worth over $200M. Bronson co-leads a large in person multifamily meetup in Pasadena, CA called FIBI Pasadena Multifamily ( Bronson is the host of The Mailbox Money Show and he understands the investor mindset, having spoken individually over the phone with over 1300 investors and having raised over $30M for real estate and his ATM Machine Fund deals. Bronson is the author How to Use Inflation to Your Advantage and is a regular contributor to YouTube and his blog. Bronson is the Capital Raising Coach at Kingdom REI, a faith based group, helping investors find deals and raise funds for large real estate deals. 

Calvin Lowe

Founder of PEACEquity, LLC


Calvin Lowe is a physician in the Division of Emergency and Transport Medicine at Children’s

Hospital Los Angeles. He is amid his 30 th academic year at CHLA and serves as the medical director of the Alan Purwin Emergency Transport Program. Calvin has lectured nationally and has served as the course director of multiple national medical conferences. 

He and his wife became passive real estate investors through Vertical Street Ventures in late 2021. In May 2022, they took the next step to become active partners by enrolling in the VSV Academy. They subsequently founded PEACEquity, LLC, with the philosophy of “family, peace of mind and generational wealth.” The name has special meaning because the first four letters are the acronym of the first names of the Lowe family.  Currently their portfolio consists of over 800 doors with properties in CA, AZ and TX.

Kathy Jang

VP of Marketing at Vertical Street Ventures


Kathy has a multifamily portfolio consisting of ~2,000 multifamily units, with >$130 Million Assets under Management. She serves as Vice President of Marketing at VSV and leads marketing strategy and execution across the VSV umbrella of companies.  She is also an active contributor on LinkedIn, with a passion to educate people on passive investing through real estate, a focus on positively impacting the community, and educating youth on personal finances.

She currently resides in Phoenix, AZ with her husband, 2 sons, and 2 white labrador puppies.

Casey Christensen

Partner at Fortified Equity


Casey has a successful career as an FX spot and derivatives interbank trader for the Foreign Exchange brokerage firm, GPS Capital Markets LLC. Casey has traded over $7 billion USD in foreign exchange volume every year and oversees the management of the firm’s proprietary treasury management tools that enable clients to hedge foreign currency exposures. 

Casey is married to Sarie and a father of 4 amazing kids. Casey values God and his family above all else and he seeks financial freedom to better serve his family as well as the people around him.

Linda Lim

Founder, Essential Element Capital


Linda Lim is a successful entrepreneur and founder of Essential Element Capital. Her mission is to help people create the freedom to enjoy their lives through passive income. With her decades of experience in finance and real estate, Linda has an intuitive ability to problem-solve and negotiate, putting her investors’ best interests above anything else. Born to an entrepreneurial family in Indonesia and holding an MBA in Finance, Linda has proven her ability to succeed both professionally and personally as a single mother to Drake and Lily.

Divya Smith

CEO of Ascending Avenue Investments


Divya is Founder and CEO of Ascending Avenue Investments, focused on multifamily properties with the goal of improving the lives of those who need a place to call home. Currently invested in multiple deals with 364 units in Phoenix and Tucson markets. Divya has an extensive corporate background in multiple Fortune 100 companies. Her goal is to help busy professionals build a passive income stream through real estate that allows them to build financial freedom. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband Aaron and two boys.


Vertical Street Ventures

Managing Partners

Jenny Gou

Jenny focuses on company operations and leads the VSV Multifamily Academy. Prior to VSV, she was a Sales Director at Procter & Gamble setting national sales strategies for several billion-dollar brands and launching key initiatives across top retailers in the U.S. Her overall experience in leading teams, strategy, and project management gives her a unique ability at VSV and helping others achieve success through the VSV Academy. She currently lives in Southern California with her husband and kids.

Steven Louie

Steven leads Investor Relations and also focuses on building key strategic partnerships, including sourcing acquisitions and capital.  Prior to VSV, Steven held numerous Executive-Leadership positions at Mercer and MetLife, both global Fortune 200 organizations.  As a Partner at Mercer, Steven was the Southern CA Office Leader for Mercer’s Health, Wealth, and Human Capital Consulting practices. Prior to Mercer, he led the Institutional Sales division at MetLife. He enjoys the “need for speed” as he shifts gears around the racetrack. Steven also enjoys vacationing with his wife, Rebecca, and two daughters.

Kyle Mitchell

Kyle focuses on acquisitions, dispositions, underwriting, asset management, construction and operations. He builds strong local market relationships in the Arizona markets. He is also the author of the best-selling book, Best In Class, which teaches investors how to manage their multifamily assets, avoid mistakes, and build wealth through real estate.  Kyle was previously a Regional Manager for a golf management company where he oversaw 250+ employees and $20MM+ in revenue daily. His overall experience in management, operations and real estate helps position Vertical Street Ventures as an industry leader in multifamily operations and acquisitions. Kyle played golf professionally and outside of golf, he enjoys traveling and trying new foods.  He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife, Lalita, and 2 dogs.


Kiyoshi Simon

Kiyoshi is responsible for directing and overseeing the financials and economic position of Vertical Street Ventures and is the founder of the CPA branch – Vertical Street Ventures CPA, LLP. As a CPA and real estate investor, Kiyoshi brings over a decade of tax planning expertise in working specifically with high net-worth individuals and real estate investors, professionals, and investment firms. In his spare time, Kiyoshi enjoys trying new restaurants, competing in athletic events, and struggling at golf. He is married to his college sweetheart Tiffany and resides in Huntington Beach, CA.


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